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Upscale on Diamonds

At Dynamic Machinery we are proud to deliver an upscale solution for a diamond mine.  Our client wanted a cu

stom built solution for the conditions typical to their diamond mine.

The plant consists of a 3m3 feed bin with additional spray bar to facilitate a stable and smooth feed into the scrubber.  The scrubber diameter is 2.4m and a length of 6m.  The scrubber has a retainer ring to provide additional mixing and cleaning of the material.  The scrubber breaks the clay and loosens the finer material of the feed.

The roll-sieve is used to remove the oversize material from the feed and ensure the proper size is fed to the vibrating screen.

The 6 x 16 double deck screen is removing the sand from the material and other finer particles.  The rest of the middlings are used for further sorting through various other stages.  The spraying of water is used very effectively to wash the material and remove the very fine slime.

The additional preparation, cleaning and screening section of the mine allows for a lot more viable material to the rest of the plant.  The result is a much more effective plant with higher production volumes.

The size of the machine is not common in the diamond industry.  The 8m high structure is truly on a different scale for diamond digging.

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