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High Volume Diamond Sorting Plant

Dynamic Machinery recently completed a ±200 tonnes per hour diamond sorting plant.

Sortech supplied the three Bourevestnik sorters that were used to handle the volume.  Two sorters were used as primary sorters and the third sorter received the concentrate of the first two to perform the concentrate sorting.

The aspect that made the project remarkable is the fact that the whole plant fitted into one 12m shipping container. 

 The sides of the container are folded in during transport, but opens up when the machines are in operation.  The extra space allows for easy operation and maintenance of the equipment.

The container was also mounted onto a 2-axle trailer to make the plant easy to transport.

The rest of the equipment to support the three sorters includes a water chiller, a 10 Bar compressor, control computer, UPS with batteries, elevator and various conveyors. 

The divider split the container into the area that is air conditioned and the section that should be open for air exchange. Roller doors with mesh allow the air exchange at the back of the container without the security of the plant being compromised.

The air conditioner and padded sides provide the proper working conditions for an operator of the plant to be secured inside while the plant is in operation.

Even the chutes to transfer the material from the internal conveyors to the outside tailings conveyor are used to close all access to the working parts of the machines, since security is a high priority. 

The design was also optimised to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment in the areas where spillages may have occurred.  Space was always limited and had to be used efficiently with fold-up walkways and steps.

All pipe work to connect the sorters to the water supply and compressed air was done as part of the total working unit.

 All the electrical work is connected to a MCC that facilitates and automate the control of all electrical equipment.  The plant is operated by a PLC controller.

The commissioning of the plant happened at the premises of Dynamic Machinery to test and optimise all the different aspects of the plant. 

Dynamic Machinery is proud to have designed and built the ground breaking development in sorting technology.

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