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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions are published to assist in answering some of the common questions our clients ask us.  If your question is not dealt with here or you are uncertain please phone or email us to assist you.


Question: Do you provide finance for the equipment manufactured at Dynamic Machinery?

Answer: Yes we have associate partners that are interested in financing different solutions.  Although Dynamic Machinery does not provide the service, it is outsourced to our partners.



Question: Do you export equipment to the rest of the world?

Answer:  Yes, Dynamic Machinery supplies and exports to various countries in the world.

 Question: Do you assist in the transport of the plants to the destination country?

Answer:  Yes Dynamic Machinery uses trusted and reliable shipping agents to manage the whole process on behalf of our client.  We strive to deliver a complete solution from design to delivery of the plant.


Question:  Do you assist in commissioning of our new plant?

Answer:  Yes certainly.  Dynamic Machinery has a team of artisans specializing in the commissioning of the plant at the client's site. 

Question: Do you test the plant before it is shipped?

Answer: Yes, Dynamic Machinery test all parts and plants in various stages before the transport of the plant starts.  The dry commissioning is used to test all the electrical and mechanical work performed on the plant.  The wet commissioning normally includes the running of material through the plant to check for leakages, spillages and other latent design problems.  The nameplate commissioning normally happens on-site to prove to our clients that the plant is delivering the capacity according to the design specifications. 

Our clients are working on tested and proven capacity solutions.

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